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Christmas Eve/Day

Because Christmas is not polite enough to fall on the same day of the week each year,  I am Always mixed up. I need continuity. Without a TV or radio to remind me of the day – a muddle happens. Two of my children… Continue Reading “Christmas Eve/Day”

A Hammer and a Nail

I took my hammer and nails and worked on fences most of the day. Hello Minty. There will be a lot of people in and out of the farm and the house while I am away and the last thing I need is a… Continue Reading “A Hammer and a Nail”

The bees are alive, and beating the cold back with a stick.

I know that the cold (we are below freezing for a while now: 3F (-17C) this morning) might try and make us feel bleak.  Pulling at the loose threads of our cardi’s trying to unravel us.  Butting heads with our warm outlooks. But look… Continue Reading “The bees are alive, and beating the cold back with a stick.”

A Cold Beauty is it’s own Consolation

When I wake up in the cold mornings, with the howling skies and the winds so sharp and clear they cut your teeth.  The ground is hard as pure hate. The ice lurking dark and deep under the snow. I cannot believe that there… Continue Reading “A Cold Beauty is it’s own Consolation”

Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.

Yesterday was officially freezing.  Real freezing cold. Not that fake cold when your dressing gown is in the dryer and you have to run to the toilet in your nightie and the toilet seat is cold and you shiver and say God that is… Continue Reading “Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.”

How wonderful ..

The first day of 2014. I have a good feeling. The sun rose white and cold into the blue sky on the last day of 2013. There was even a little snow. I still love snow.   I hope I don’t jinx it but… Continue Reading “How wonderful ..”

Kupa shows his bad side.

All my city clothes were peeled off, stepped out of, abandoned and dropped in snail heaps on the bedroom floor as I morphed back into miss c. I will pick them all up later I promise but I was late for chores and everyone… Continue Reading “Kupa shows his bad side.”

Landing in the land of FAST internet.

I left the damp and sepia plains at 6.30 in the morning and drove in  a very bumpy bus up to Chicago. Sometimes I question whether these buses produce their own sneaky versions of square wheels.  The jiggling out of focus red hat of… Continue Reading “Landing in the land of FAST internet.”

The men came…

… and hauled the crop away.  Good riddance, I said But now everything is grey. Golden has had its day. The chickens and the pigs and I Stayed inside to Play. It was cold outside Yesterday. A Gale had come out to say Hooray… Continue Reading “The men came…”

When flawed is just perfect..

And  imperfect is exactly right. Yesterday was one of those delicious days when nothing much happened. I went about my work. Not too energetically. Alone on the farm again.  The quiet is getting quieter. The road is still blocked by construction from both directions,… Continue Reading “When flawed is just perfect..”