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Sinister is the wrong word maybe flat out scary

Is this what I think it is? I took this photo tonight.  And I swear I have never seen this hole in the glass before! Is this from a gun? A rifle?. Hmm. It is pheasant shooting season. TonTon and I had words with hunters… Continue Reading “Sinister is the wrong word maybe flat out scary”

Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk

Did you ever see that movie Dusk ’til Dawn. Well, a day on the sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm is Nothing LIKE that!!! It starts at dawn. John leaves for work in the dark at 5am.  I talk to you guys and catch… Continue Reading “Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk”

Banty the Bantam Rooster

Did I tell you about my mother’s rock gardens? I think I did.  At the big house on the beach. You will remember that Dad said he would place a rock once then shift it once, then he was done. My Mother loved rocks.… Continue Reading “Banty the Bantam Rooster”