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Lambs go out and play in the snow

I began the big clean in the barn yesterday. Working our way through each pen … … forking out all the old hay out to the compost piles.. … scraping and cleaning the concrete floors … c .. … …everything get sprinkled with diatomaceous… Continue Reading “Lambs go out and play in the snow”

The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.

Yesterday I was working in the barn for a while then came back out into the air and there it was. Warmth. There was no sun, and I was surrounded in snow, yet somehow there was a warm cast to the air. Of course… Continue Reading “The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.”

A little sun goes a long way

The early morning sun yesterday was a sight for sore eyes. And tired eyes. Immediately we were uplifted. I opened all the doors in the barn and light flowed straight past me and into the gloom.  Everyone crowded for the tiny warm spaces.  Some… Continue Reading “A little sun goes a long way”

The difficult answer

What the young people saw yesterday…  “Often. A little bit often”The stories are just as important as the spelling. For the latter; after the children have written their farmy stories (they have a special book) we collect the spelling words, correct them and add… Continue Reading “The difficult answer”

a day in the life of miss c, without pictures

Yesterday. It was that kind of day. But with no photographic evidence. Let me tell you about it. I awoke at 4.30 am as usual and listened to the wind for a wee minute. It still sounded like winter. Why I think I am… Continue Reading “a day in the life of miss c, without pictures”

We need to talk about Charlotte

But first.. what is wrong with this picture.  Yes!  Do you see it, too? It is not often that we have a steer grazing in the drive.  And a dog paying no attention AT ALL.  He had broken out of his pen (well we… Continue Reading “We need to talk about Charlotte”

Dividing up the loot

A couple of times a week the local grocery store gives The Farmy a bag of expired produce.  I sit on one bucket surrounded by other empty buckets and set to work chopping  and dividing up all the vegetables, potatoes and fruit. I am… Continue Reading “Dividing up the loot”

Look at my beautiful Shush Sisters

Though they spend most of their time in their sheltered winter quarters, if the weather is nice, The Shush Sisters still come out each day for a walk. Sheila has dressed up for her outing and put a bow tie on her tail!!  No,… Continue Reading “Look at my beautiful Shush Sisters”

Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)

This kind of beautiful clear day … … always has to be paid for. (Do you see the shape of the Coupe’s roofline developing in the framing here?) There was a lot of sun for warmth gathering yesterday.  And I know why now.  It… Continue Reading “Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)”

A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012

January 2012 begins with a sunset.  and so mild I was drinking a beer on the verandah.  February 2012 – got a little bit chilly though the winter of 2012 was comparatively mild.  Queenie Wineti the Hereford heifer and our darling Mary’s Cat did… Continue Reading “A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012”