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The gangs all here

Aunty Del has come back to the home paddocks.  She very happily leapt up into the stock trailer and I drove her over from the West Farm. I missed her.  She brought Lady Astor’s bobby with her.  She spent quite a bit of time… Continue Reading “The gangs all here”

The new wild gardens

The new wild gardens down the back are about to burst out in full bloom The most dramatic being the sunflowers.  I have the list of seeds somewhere I must find it for you. I will leave it in the comments later this morning. … Continue Reading “The new wild gardens”

Taste the season

Asparagus. With everything. We recognise the season by what is on our plates. Tima has discovered the front steps. Lady’s udder is still unchanged. We are closing in on the penultimate “two weeks to go” period. I am not ordering the new milking bucket… Continue Reading “Taste the season”

Midnight milking

On my way down to once a day milking I milk every 18 hours for one cycle. This changes the cows from twice a day to once a day without trauma. But within that cycle is one midnight milking. It is actually a rather nice… Continue Reading “Midnight milking”

A murmur

A Murmuration.   Not a murmur – a murmuration. Of starlings.  The first of the starlings always come half way through the summer and line up on the power lines watching the crops grow. Waiting for the corn.  By harvest time there will be thousands… Continue Reading “A murmur”


Peas! We have begun to pick peas from the seeds that Inaki sowed in the early spring.   Fresh pea pods  are wonderful eaten right from the plant. “The more you pick the more they grow”, I said to Kevin who is Head Gardener… Continue Reading “Peas”

A Country Mile

What exactly is a country mile? Is it a little like a bakers dozen? Or are there no measurements to a country mile at all. A country mile sounds slow and gentle. A bit like “mostly”  I was thinking this when I looked at… Continue Reading “A Country Mile”

I Love it.

Eating frozen-cold home made ice cream and drinking really hot Gumboot Tea at the same time. The trick is to take a big mouth of scalding hot tea, swallow and while your mouth is still hot add a spoonful of ice-cream. I love it!… Continue Reading “I Love it.”

Mud on my foot

Peghorn (in the header) has mud on his feet from being out in the field searching for forgotton corn too – he is my oldest rooster. He is Old old. He is a loner. He had a tough summer as the oldest rooster –… Continue Reading “Mud on my foot”

Autumn Rains

And rains and rains and winds and winds. Though today is just wind. Cold wind. Yesterday evening, in my clown suit and jacket, I opened the gates for the cows to come up and shelter by the barn for the night and they GALLOPED through… Continue Reading “Autumn Rains”