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Pigs love Pears

They say that pigs will eat anything but I have never seen that – there are many things that pigs will not eat, onions, celery, to name a few, but they all love pears.  Tima is able to fit up to three pears in… Continue Reading “Pigs love Pears”

The Omnivore’s Farm

Things are starting to wind down on the farmy in some ways. And wind up in others. The bulk of the apples and tomatoes and vegetables are in jars and in the cellar. The pears and apples are next in the crusher, not quite… Continue Reading “The Omnivore’s Farm”

Don’t Try this at Home: How Not to Prune a Pear Tree

Our John is pouting. I have pruned his pear tree. Which was not even much use as a shade tree. Something had to be done. He has quite spoilt this tree over the years. In fact when he had his new shed put up he… Continue Reading “Don’t Try this at Home: How Not to Prune a Pear Tree”

Making pear cider on the Sustainable Farm – Nothing is Wasted.

A chilly autumnal day (this word autumnal needs to be said out loud, I think it has the most beautiful sound).  Today we begin to make the pear cider. The pears have been sitting in the shed quietly ripening and now they are looking… Continue Reading “Making pear cider on the Sustainable Farm – Nothing is Wasted.”