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Some Most Excellent News! At last!

 I took a bite of an apple to see if it was ready to be picked.. not quite but still very tasty, crisp and warm from the sun.  But that is not the good news. I took all these shots yesterday before I even… Continue Reading “Some Most Excellent News! At last!”

And then the apples began –

Yesterday just as I was getting into the swing of freezing corn on the cob, with the sweetcorn garden  relish bubbling away, and the bread rising on the racks above the stove where a tray of sweetcorn kernels were drying, my neighbour popped over… Continue Reading “And then the apples began –”

Easy Tomato Chutney

My mother was the jam maker and my father  preserved hundreds of jars of fruit,every summer. We ate one huge jar of peaches or pears every day at breakfast –  if  the season had been good. So it was kind of rare for one… Continue Reading “Easy Tomato Chutney”