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Writing with Soap in the Shower.

The best ideas come to me in the shower. My mind is on a pause and all the little searches I have launched during the last few hours suddenly get busy and bring me answers. So I write myself notes on the shower walls.… Continue Reading “Writing with Soap in the Shower.”

Too much for a Title with a hook. Gotta read it!

There was dramatic drama yesterday and a delightful delivery. Let’s begin with the delightful delivery. New calves. These two bobbies are so quiet. We brought them back from a big noisy place so they are probably quite shocked at the warm straw and old… Continue Reading “Too much for a Title with a hook. Gotta read it!”

Scenes while Mowing

Our old mower is so loud and so old and so wonky that it is a wrestling match to get mowing done. But I cleaned up the pathways between the asparagus beds. (There is a little asparagus coming up but still not much –… Continue Reading “Scenes while Mowing”

What is Your First Childhood Memory?

I have been thinking a lot about memories lately. With all the new writing I am doing. All my life I have believed my first childhood memory to be two linked moments when I was in a push chair looking at outdoor fresh water… Continue Reading “What is Your First Childhood Memory?”

Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.

I am not going to write an awful lot today – I think these pictures speak for themselves. We did get some sun yesterday but the winds were very high. So the weeding in the asparagus was a trial. The ducks were fine but… Continue Reading “Storm clouds Came, and Left, Without any Storm at all.”

How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post

On an ideal day. This is my formula – you will all do this differently and I would love to hear how your construct your pages too and what you love to see on a page. The images on a blog page make all… Continue Reading “How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post”

How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.

Yesterday I noticed that Mr Flowers had a band of nylon string wrapped around one of his feet. And he only has one good foot. If left in place the nasty nylon string would continue to tighten and eventually cut off the toe (in… Continue Reading “How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.”

Tima’s Point Of View. What Hogs See.

Here is Tima’s little house. Below is what Tima (the kunekune ) sees from the bed in her house. She sees the porch of the farm-house. Point of View is everything. And Tima has a room with a view! There has been so much… Continue Reading “Tima’s Point Of View. What Hogs See.”

Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!

I have! Given up the day job. This is my last day online teaching. I love teaching – you know I do. But not having to teach online anymore is Such A Relief. I am running out of steam trying to do ALL the… Continue Reading “Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!”

So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?

My son called from the Central Valley in California last night and said over 10,000 acres of farm land in the Central Valley are under water. They have been underwater for too long. And they have not had the worst of the flooding over… Continue Reading “So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?”