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Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog

Your blog post is the beginning of a conversation. It is a long letter written with care. So the most wonderful compliment we can get is a letter in return – in the form of a comment. This is why we have the comments… Continue Reading “Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog”

FreeBee the adorable 450 pound Sitting Hog

FreeBee the 450+ pound rescue hog who sits all day, like a sitting bull but sweeter.

Building fences with BooBoo

Fencing is my least favourite job. But BooBoo is always happiest outside with me. Ton is not fond of fencing because he hates loud noises (especially when I am driving in the fencing posts with the post bommy-knocker thingy) and he will always race… Continue Reading “Building fences with BooBoo”

With 35,000 choices a day, how many do you Make On Purpose?

What an enormous question! I don’t feel like I make that many choices a day? I feel tired just thinking about it. And all our choices – even the unconscious decisions – can have a profound effect on the people in our lives, the… Continue Reading “With 35,000 choices a day, how many do you Make On Purpose?”

The Survival of the Bloggest

The New Blog Renaissance is just around the corner. Blogging is on the cusp of a revival. With the slow monster emergence of AI and Chat GPT (I find the panic enormously entertaining to be honest) – there is a great hush in the… Continue Reading “The Survival of the Bloggest”

Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound

The bird song sounds of the dawn caught on video. There are a short few minutes just as the sun is rising when all the birds put aside their differences and pipe in the light. They rise onto their toes in the trees and… Continue Reading “Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound”

Tima’s Summer Diet

Tima will share her diet with you! She swears by it and at it, sometimes! Timatanga Moana (we call her Tima for short) is a kunekune pig. And kunekune pigs can put on the wrong kind of weight if they are fed the wrong… Continue Reading “Tima’s Summer Diet”

Robin Red Breast has arrived

I saw the first robin yesterday. Is spring here yet? Um no. Because it was literally slating for a short while. Covering the windows in ice that almost immediately melted back off. But the robins did not care. They know change is on the… Continue Reading “Robin Red Breast has arrived”

5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List

Our midwest winter brought a few frozen duck waters, minor mounds of snow, a little slippery ice and some cold temperatures. The fire kept up and I did not have freezing fingers once this winter. Frankly it was a pathetic attempt for a midwest… Continue Reading “5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List”

Proud of You I am

All up we raised $3,000 for our neighbours in New Zealand. My family thanks you for joining us in this endeavour. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Because we are all neighbours. So I wrote us a poem. It has nothing… Continue Reading “Proud of You I am”