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Tane goes for a walk

I locked up all the feed and opened the gates for Tima and Tane to go for a walk yesterday.  Tima and Tane are an old married couple (both kunekune pigs) who have lived together for years. He has bad legs  and she is… Continue Reading “Tane goes for a walk”


Pronounced Tahnay. Tane Mahuta is my small kunekune boar.  He has a Maori name – from my homeland New Zealand.  Like many ancient cultures the Maori culture had many gods, Tane is the God of the forests and birds. (Though in New Zealand we… Continue Reading “Tane”

Boar Tusks – Up Close

Yesterday Inaki and I dug out the cows winter pen. This is a big spring job as I always have a deep bed of straw in the winter which is warm for the cows but a lot of heavy work in the spring. Thank… Continue Reading “Boar Tusks – Up Close”

The season begins

And we are off – miss c is back in the saddle… (an English saddle,  those wild wild west cowboy saddles hurt my bony bum.) And me and my saddle (but no horse of course) are moving fast now. Thank you for your patience with… Continue Reading “The season begins”

Tane the Kunekune Boar

As you will remember  Tane the little Kunekune boar has a bung hip. He hurt it the first time he bred Tima last year.  Now we are in winter, and his limp seems more pronounced in the mornings. But Tane has put himself on… Continue Reading “Tane the Kunekune Boar”

Kunekune boar

Maybe this wee boarfriend for Tima?  I have just heard that we can buy him.  I would love to have him. This little kunekune boar is beautifully bred. This is a shot of him when he was a baby  (supplied by Lori Enright his… Continue Reading “Kunekune boar”