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ice and chicks

Sweet chicks. Love at first sight.  If one were to use the modified meat chicken’s theory for sexing this would be a female on the left and a male on the right. Do you see the longer feathers on the wings of the female?…

No more crying!!

Let’s look at happy stuff instead.  Thank you for yesterdays comments – you are a deep and wondrous group of people. You are The Fellowship.  I could not do it without you. Cold but happy. A black and white pig after eating tomato soup…

Come with me

To the West Barn across the way and back again. Just pictures. You know all the names. I hope you all have a lovely day. Your friend on the farmy, miss c  

Sometimes pigs do play with sticks.

They carry them about in their  mouths and have races. TonTon knows this  about pigs and sticks, so he is always ready. Boo on the other hand is not invited in for games. Just as well too. He steals the sticks and runs off….