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Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.

Do you remember those days? I loved the Sunday newspaper. How it was really fat, fat enough that everyone had a favourite section and took it off into a corner like a dog with a bone. I also loved how – if you got… Continue Reading “Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.”

Tima’s Point Of View. What Hogs See.

Here is Tima’s little house. Below is what Tima (the kunekune ) sees from the bed in her house. She sees the porch of the farm-house. Point of View is everything. And Tima has a room with a view! There has been so much… Continue Reading “Tima’s Point Of View. What Hogs See.”

Excuse Me. Hullo? It is March!! What is with the Snow!?

Excuse Me. I am so sorry to intrude I know you weather gods are hopelessly busy I don’t mean to be a bother I know you are in meetings about the present climate situation And there are more pressing concerns I do understand But… Continue Reading “Excuse Me. Hullo? It is March!! What is with the Snow!?”

After The Snow – Pictures

Doing chores in a snow storm is a lesson in tenacity. The weather forecast predicted 8 inches and we probably only got three. But it was mean snow. The snow was blowing hard and particular like a thousand tiny little knives. It was a… Continue Reading “After The Snow – Pictures”

Friday Mornings Waiting for the Snow

I think the weather gods heard me call this winter “a pathetic excuse for a winter”. Now there is 8 inches of heavy wet snow in the forecast for this afternoon. Actually a mix of rain and snow. Which means heavy slush. Joy. Then… Continue Reading “Friday Mornings Waiting for the Snow”

Robin Red Breast has arrived

I saw the first robin yesterday. Is spring here yet? Um no. Because it was literally slating for a short while. Covering the windows in ice that almost immediately melted back off. But the robins did not care. They know change is on the… Continue Reading “Robin Red Breast has arrived”

5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List

Our midwest winter brought a few frozen duck waters, minor mounds of snow, a little slippery ice and some cold temperatures. The fire kept up and I did not have freezing fingers once this winter. Frankly it was a pathetic attempt for a midwest… Continue Reading “5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List”

Ice and Frigid Air

It is fiercely chilly out here on the deserted rural midwest this week. Out on the tundra. Fierce chilly. But it does make for some incredible shots. Just photos today I think. They speak for themselves. I am cold everywhere and would like to… Continue Reading “Ice and Frigid Air”

Warm Muddy Midwest Winter

It is Wednesday – the weather is grim here on the Farmy. Not freezing though – not yet anyway. But how much mud do we really need? The dogs are heartily sick of having their feet washed so frequently. The weather occasionally drops below… Continue Reading “Warm Muddy Midwest Winter”

ALL Those Things

The holidays have always been a difficult time for me and for many of you all too. I tend to either Clam Up or just turn into a mumbling grump. This time I think I just got on with it and dealt with the… Continue Reading “ALL Those Things”