Tag: winter farming

Ice and Frigid Air

It is fiercely chilly out here on the deserted rural midwest this week. Out on the tundra. Fierce chilly. But it does make for some incredible shots. Just photos today I think. They speak for themselves. I am cold everywhere and would like to… Continue Reading “Ice and Frigid Air”

Frostbite on Barn Chickens

Still cold. Do you see Daisy’s breath? First  something pretty: The Old Codger has given me his snow shoes .. aren’t they wonderful. When I walk the dogs across the snow in the morning I shall be wearing these .  I look forward to… Continue Reading “Frostbite on Barn Chickens”

A Dusting of Snow on the Farmy – morning.

“There is a dusting of snow.” Our John said, as he brought me my coffee at 5.30 this morning.  By 6 am I was out in the barn, feeding out. By 7.am I was standing in the yards, listening to the chomp of cows,… Continue Reading “A Dusting of Snow on the Farmy – morning.”