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How to dry Parsley

Brown bag it. The best way to dry parsley is to pick it when it is at its best,   put it into a brown paper bag, tape the bag closed and leave in the back of your fridge for a few months. When it is dry,… Continue Reading “How to dry Parsley”


It rained almost all day yesterday. Lovely gentle warm rain. I came in from the evening chores soaked to the first layer and happy as a lark. The trees are blooming. Here are two of my favourites: Magnolia ‘Butterflies’  This is the most wonderful… Continue Reading “Rain”

Pig Farrowing Huts

This morning, the moment after  I’ Press Publish’,  I will leap up and gently turn the incubating eggs (one more day of ‘turning’ to go) then on with the hoodie, the extra pair of socks, farm overalls, the scarf, hattie, jacket, gloves then overgloves… Continue Reading “Pig Farrowing Huts”

The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.

Is that even a sentence? There must be about four grammatical errors in that title!  However: the broccoli is up. The cabbages, leeks, celery and onions are sown. And  the first wave of tomatoes have been sown too. The gardens have begun. No spring… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.”

A Tiny Thaw that Melted the Daily View

Get down off that wardrobe Thing One and go outside, it is a lovely day.  Did Miss c make you go outside too? I am just watching The View melt. Did I miss something? No, we are watching The Thaw Tui. You can join… Continue Reading “A Tiny Thaw that Melted the Daily View”

Cold wind blowing

.A cold day is fine. Or should I say a fine cold day is fine. But a cold day,  though not too cold with a high of 29F (-1C),  but with low slate gray clouds and a relentless wind becomes uncomfortable. Yesterday it  snowed… Continue Reading “Cold wind blowing”