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Storm Season

During the day, yesterday, the wind was all bluster. Big fat round bluster. My hair looked wind -blown -fantastic.  The storms came in later, at dusk and without any warning switched feet and kicked from the opposite direction, wooshing the tarp off the chicken tractor, slamming… Continue Reading “Storm Season”

The Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Book List

Reading List for 2013. Its a big’n. What a magnificent result.  Listed in the order received and copied and pasted over –  straight from the Lounge of Comments. In your own words. I love hearing all your voices one after the other. I am… Continue Reading “The Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Book List”


Sorry, did not mean to shout. SUN. Oops there I go again! but we had the most perfect sunny windless day. Naturally I opened all the windows and doors and spent most of the day outside. That is Tilly on the right, well you… Continue Reading “SUN!”

This was not yesterday

Yesterday I went back through some of our old shots so that I could compile an extra page that new people can refer to if they need to identify one of the animals or birds. It sits up there, (look up) right next to… Continue Reading “This was not yesterday”