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I wonder – does good morning mean it IS a good morning or I wish a good morning for you. 

Working Dogs

Poppy’s little piglets are just like their Mother. Escape artists.  Every time I turn around lately they are out in the wrong field or on the drive or somewhere they are not meant to be.  In fact I have never had a group quite… Continue Reading “Working Dogs”

Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.

This week, all things being equal, we shall have a roof and the siding done on The Coupe. I hope! I am trying SO HARD to be patient. Blue has been very carefully helping Ton put the naughty Murphy back in his paddock each… Continue Reading “Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.”

A little bit of green popped through yesterday

It was warm with a wee shower of rain. And  without hesitation, as though the grass had been crouched on its toes, clover eyes screwed shut in concentration listening for the sun, feeling for the moist warm showers, the fields leapt up and grew… Continue Reading “A little bit of green popped through yesterday”