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A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

Someone laid an egg yesterday.  Was it you? Maybe not.  Certainly was not you and I know it was not me.  And we know for sure that Queenie, waiting patiently under leaden skies for a little sun, did not lay an egg.  Out of… Continue Reading “A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg”

A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012

January 2012 begins with a sunset.  and so mild I was drinking a beer on the verandah.  February 2012 – got a little bit chilly though the winter of 2012 was comparatively mild.  Queenie Wineti the Hereford heifer and our darling Mary’s Cat did… Continue Reading “A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012”

A little Surprise, then Another one…

This certainly is a  surprised chook but no this is not the surprise – This is the surprise! But in a way no surprise at all.   The Matriarch walked into a wild scene at the hairdressers yesterday, they were all excited because a… Continue Reading “A little Surprise, then Another one…”

Pigs Play Ball Too you know…

Yesterday as promised we had a good hard frost.  Our John covered a variety of plants with blankets but I think we are reaching the end of the summer vegetables. Bobby Blanc is in love with one of the Surrogate Milkers. They are getting… Continue Reading “Pigs Play Ball Too you know…”

Wherever I am – You are.

I was thinking, as I was working in the barn yesterday on the Winter Quarters, Bills Camera snuggled safely in the White Box where Things Live, at hand for that shot, that you follow wherever I am on each day.  You cannot wander off… Continue Reading “Wherever I am – You are.”

Wonderful Glorious People

I received a gift in the mail yesterday.  A most wonderful gift. A new set of camera eyes.  Bill Jones Jr, the author of The Stream Series, whose comments you will have seen  in our comments lounge, has become increasingly concerned about my endless… Continue Reading “Wonderful Glorious People”

Welcome to my Long Life of glorious Littleness

Sometimes I think we worry too much. That our lives are too small and won’t amount to much. When they already have mounted up.  And the weight of my life in gold would be too heavy to carry anyway. If we worry too much… Continue Reading “Welcome to my Long Life of glorious Littleness”

High tailing it Out of There!

Daisy was in a bad mood yesterday and all last night and still yelling at me this morning. Bad. Bad. Bad. She stands at her gate and moos with quite the nasty tone.Noisy, bolshy and scary.  She has PMT.  Cows get that too you… Continue Reading “High tailing it Out of There!”

Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care

I failed at making the lasagne last night. When I was checking the ingredients I  discovered that I had run out of chedder cheese for the top.  Can you believe it! The cheese in the fridge was an empty packet with only a sliver… Continue Reading “Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care”

Lavender Lemon Cake

Bobby Blanc moved into his new quarters yesterday. Now he sleeps in the barn sun-room and has access to the corridor paddock.  He literally trotted around and around thrilled to bits to be out and about. Kicking up his heels and holding his head… Continue Reading “Lavender Lemon Cake”