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Thank you

For yesterday … You and your angels are alive and well I think! Last night – At Last – Mr Flowers found the barn and slept in there all night. So we all slept.  He is a noisy bird that one. Tui and Pania  are both sitting… Continue Reading “Thank you”

Tick tack

When Mr Flowers has his tail up at full power he does this funny thing. Imagine the tail spread out  as an enormous fan, maybe 150 to 200 feathers ,   now count in ten feathers from the right and imagine the next four feathers… Continue Reading “Tick tack”

The Herd welcomes Naomi

What is the definition of a herd of cows anyway? How many does one need to have a herd?  Because yesterday Lady Astor gave birth to a lovely tiny, tiny heifer. She also has no belt at all, just a tiny bit of white… Continue Reading “The Herd welcomes Naomi”

Prepare Actions

Is that a contradiction in terms? Can we prepare with action? I think we  can.  Or do we prepare FOR action. hmm. Preparations. Well, yesterday I was preparing for the big storm that may roll in this morning.  When I was not stacking hay.… Continue Reading “Prepare Actions”

A box of birds

More chicks arrived in the post yesterday. These are the chickens I will grow for a number of family freezers.  It will take 8 weeks.  I will grow two waves of chickens for the freezers. I hope to start another set in 5 weeks time. … Continue Reading “A box of birds”

I got it wrong

This little calf does not want to be called Aida she  wants to be called Del.  She is so calm and so sweet, there is not one fussy bone in her body. She has no aspirations for the stage, and no interest in tragedy. She… Continue Reading “I got it wrong”

My enemy

I have him on camera.  Bastard Mink. It is not much of a shot but I think there are two of them. If you flip back and forth you will see them. They literally ate a hole in the door. And killed two more chooks.… Continue Reading “My enemy”

from above

I was up in the loft of the barn counting bales, and just happened to have my camera.  I was hoping to get a shot of  Godot and Carlos Garcia, which was difficult as they are still keeping to the darkest corners. I love watching… Continue Reading “from above”

Nothing Short of Brilliant

We are well on our way to the first Book written by The Fellowship.  I am lost for words. But you are not.  You are nothing short of brilliant. My goal is 100 essays or poems or lists about your experiences with menopause. There… Continue Reading “Nothing Short of Brilliant”

Here’s to a new day

Every day is a good day. (Chooks drink milk too.) And I love to celebrate each day. In our own quiet way. Though yesterday was cold there was sun.   Sun is good. Yesterday Daisy milked 40 pounds (at 6am) , then 28 pounds… Continue Reading “Here’s to a new day”