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Satur’s Day

Dogs winter beds.  Full of sheeps wool. The chooks new roost and the new chooks. Good morning. I  have lots of help with the chores today. Breakfast is ready. I hope you have a lovely day, Love celi

The Legacy

When the  Bastard Minks came last time, to the chook house, and killed eleven of our lovely heritage chickens they also killed the  big white Rooster.  Thankfully they have not been back.   As well as everything else on that dark farmy  day, losing Mr… Continue Reading “The Legacy”

Chook Steps

Mr Pink fascinates me, she has come out of her creep and is the gentlest little chicken I have ever known.  And now that she gets food in her own little hidey hole  she is growing very fast. She likes to be stroked and is the… Continue Reading “Chook Steps”

Pulling your weight

I was showing Triple T my spiders knees arm muscles yesterday while we were waiting for another flurry of bales to be thrown, by John down below, onto the clatter box and up into the loft of the barn where we stood ready to stack.… Continue Reading “Pulling your weight”

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Good morning. I am going to be jogging around the chores this morning now that Kim our Fellowship Friend and trailblazer Farm Stay Participant has climbed reluctantly back onto a plane and flown home.  On Saturday The Tall Teenager comes home on leave.  I… Continue Reading “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

It is a calf’s life

A calf’s Tale. Look at that Calf’s Tail! Up in the air with delight.  Aunty Del had such a wonderful day out in the fields with her Daisy that at bed time she walked straight to her corner, snuggled down and went straight to… Continue Reading “It is a calf’s life”


Well, a kidnapping of a calf actually. I went out to milk yesterday morning – no sign of Daisy and no sign of Aunty Del and no sign of Marcel  (Aunty Del’s  ever present minder.)  Then I saw them all, way down the back of… Continue Reading “Kidnapping”

Look what came in the Mail

Chicks and Ducklings. In the mail! John and the Matriarch want duck for Christmas dinner.  But I bought a few extra so I could breed them too. Sadly two of the extra were dead on arrival. So we have four Orpington ducks.  The chickens are a… Continue Reading “Look what came in the Mail”

Boys and Chicks

I love having children on the farm. Just having fun. After the mandatory swim, this fellow gathers eggs, feeds the cats, (Egoli was found at his house so he always brings him and Tiba a little pot of food each).  He picks tomatoes in… Continue Reading “Boys and Chicks”

Leghorns Liberated

The leghorns have been liberated from their warm basement home and are now out in the small pen in the corner of the big chook house. The small pen is called Fort Knox because it is absolutely predator proof, one year rats killed about… Continue Reading “Leghorns Liberated”