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The girls decide

Have to run – we are leaving for the Bantam Swap early so here are yesterdays pics. What is wrong with those pictures?  Naughty opportunistic pigs taking advantage of high winds and broken gates. And combine without fuss. And as they will be ten months… Continue Reading “The girls decide”

Not from today

I have been going through my old photographs.  Looking for the TWELVE for the calendar. And when I went out with Camera House to take some shots in the last of the light, as the Cadet and I worked through the chores, I discovered  I… Continue Reading “Not from today”

Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday. These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust. The turkeys have taken it… Continue Reading “Bird brains”

Babies in The Barn

The little calves are here and they are a lively group. Mostly. A few are quieter but all are drinking well.  I fed them their electrolyte when they arrived last night then later milk with electrolyte mixed in. I have a little bull calf… Continue Reading “Babies in The Barn”

Musical Chicks

Today or tomorrow my broiler chicks should arrive. They left McMurrays yesterday and will be delivered by the Post Office truck to the Postmistress then she calls me. So everyone moves along a chair – the Accident Chickens have been shifted out of the… Continue Reading “Musical Chicks”

Kids Love Kids

Yesterday was a wonderful day on the Kitchens Garden Farm blog. We  all stepped over the divide from the written word to Barn Yard Sound Bites! . That is actually a  big step you know. Ground breaking. We cannot go back. You have HEARD the farm… Continue Reading “Kids Love Kids”

ice and chicks

Sweet chicks. Love at first sight.  If one were to use the modified meat chicken’s theory for sexing this would be a female on the left and a male on the right. Do you see the longer feathers on the wings of the female?… Continue Reading “ice and chicks”


Photographic studies. There is a panel in the East side of the barn that has dropped creating a perfect cat door.  When the big doors are closed this is where all the cats enter and exit the barn. I once knew a guy whose… Continue Reading “Studies”

Chicks and Goats

So this is what I think happened. The night before last a chick began to peep in the incubator. Just after three in the morning. The dogs rose up from their beds and Boo opened the incorrectly latched door (all our doors are old)… Continue Reading “Chicks and Goats”


Elsie and Lady Astor, the Dutch Belted Dairy cows, went through their pretend milking routine with perfect precision yesterday afternoon. So you CAN teach old cows new tricks. They walked into the milking parlour one at a time. Lady A first, as usual. Elsie waiting… Continue Reading “Chipping”