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A Jigsaw Farm with a Plan

At this time of year all farmers in this hemisphere are shuffling animals into their winter pens, arranging their outside access. Dragging out the heated water bowls, stopping up drafts, creating an extra feed pile in case we get snowed in, checking the generator and finding… Continue Reading “A Jigsaw Farm with a Plan”

Sometimes we all need to have a good think.

Yesterday I awoke to 22F, this morning it is 40F.  But summer  is over. That life’s force we call Mother Nature is more powerful that any goverment, any warlike clan.  Any law, any silly little wish. Any roof and any plan. When they say the… Continue Reading “Sometimes we all need to have a good think.”

Butternut, Chickpea Curry with Eggplant and another award!

We are picking plenty of butternut now and I know I am supposed to be storing them in the basement for the winter but they are just so tasty.  Eggplants or aubergine seem to have been our best fruiting plant this year and we… Continue Reading “Butternut, Chickpea Curry with Eggplant and another award!”