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Baba Ganoush

Eating only what you grow can sometimes get a little boring  because at some times of the year only a few things are growing – but not at this time of year. This time of year we have a medley of vegetables in the… Continue Reading “Baba Ganoush”

The shiny path

Aunty Del and the biggest bobby watching the milking. I was driving back from the West Barn when I saw rain coming.  Out here you can literally see the rain coming.  Can you see that shiny patch approaching up the road? That is a… Continue Reading “The shiny path”

My friend said to me …

“My  Grand-Daddy was a gambling  man,”  my friend said to me yesterday as we were packing her fresh eggs into boxes.  We had been talking about drunks.  The weekend kind who had a drink and went to sleep.  My friend does not drink.  But… Continue Reading “My friend said to me …”

Pigs do not bend

Pigs do not bend in the middle. When they walk they do not curl around the corner like dogs – they shuffle like little fat buses. Here WaiWai’s head is quite still while his rear end tap dances across to get in line before… Continue Reading “Pigs do not bend”

Why am I cold?

I am cold this morning.  It is 54F/12C. This is downright chilly for high summer out here.  You know how you are fast asleep in bed but woken by being cold but not THAT cold, just cold enough to WANT to get up and… Continue Reading “Why am I cold?”

No Looking

The songs of night insects were the biggest change during the eclipse of August 2017.  For a good ten minutes of so the crickets sung and the birds went  quiet. We were way too far North to see anything but a partial cover of… Continue Reading “No Looking”

Dogs Laid Flat Out

The dogs on the floor last night after I finished work. Flat and OUT. Because we had been flat out I suppose. Though their “flat out” makes more sense than the busy, busy “flat out”. I smelt pretty bad after a flat out day… Continue Reading “Dogs Laid Flat Out”

Long Whiskers

Have you noticed that kittens have a full set of really long whiskers. Not like us older cats, our whiskers all torn and shortened with time. We must be careful not to step all over the young ones dreams, they leave them lying all… Continue Reading “Long Whiskers”

A Beautiful Bottom

I don’t mean these bottoms, though there is a lot to be said for a nice round fluffy chicken bottom. And I won’t say chicks bottom because I don’t want to give the search engines the wrong impression.  I mean this bottom. (Below)  Wai… Continue Reading “A Beautiful Bottom”