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Waiting for the little Mites

I woke up this morning to find that my internet connection was down.  I was practically hyerventilating within seconds. Am I one of the addicted ones?  Grimly I  turned everything off. I reluctantly backed away from the keyboard and went for a longer walk… Continue Reading “Waiting for the little Mites”

The Barn at Rest.

Earlier today I wrote  a totally different post for you. But it was being difficult. It did not reflect how I feel today. So I took the camera to the barn. The day shifts out of gear in the barn.  Stepping out of the… Continue Reading “The Barn at Rest.”

Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.

Early this morning I took you all to walk the fences with me. I do this walk every morning and evening for the dogs toilet time.  This is the wild area, where the weeds and all that wild  grass is allowed to grow. I… Continue Reading “Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.”

Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?

I know that what I write today has nothing to do with old-fashioned farming.  But it is an old-fashioned thought. Queenie Wineti is supplying the visuals.   You see I had this interesting experience in the city on the weekend.  I had walked from… Continue Reading “Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?”

Flowers in my garden that the bees love the most

Bees need flowers all summer long.  Millions of them. So we need to plant flowers we know will flower in early spring, right through summer and as late in the fall as possible. The wonderful thing about growing flowers for bees is that it… Continue Reading “Flowers in my garden that the bees love the most”

Farmers Market and Shocking Sheep.

I will let these images speak for themselves. These pictures were taken at the Evanston Farmers Market. The vegetables were from a stall called Henry’s Farm.  If you have a farmers market close by you that has food like this then you are SO… Continue Reading “Farmers Market and Shocking Sheep.”

Utopian to Utilitarian in the city

I am back. In my cool study. No one is any worse for wear due to my absence. Though Daisy set up such a racket of bellowing when I appeared that I had to go out and visit. She then commenced to try to get… Continue Reading “Utopian to Utilitarian in the city”

Rude Railway Men and Roasted Chickens in the Heat

In the blog world there are no days.  Time has lost meaning as I write. People read my words and navigate their way around my site while I sleep. When the flag counter says yesterday the date is today.  I file as people are… Continue Reading “Rude Railway Men and Roasted Chickens in the Heat”

Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today

Damn. Thought it might have rained. Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies today.  That is how we like it.    Thank you for dropping in. I am getting more and more readers every day and I love that you are all popping… Continue Reading “Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today”