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Ginger Beer Bug and Sour Dough Starter

So this week I have started my sour dough starter. Very exciting. Today I will bring in the last of the honey.  Queenie who is still such a short cow I am getting worried that we may have bought a midget by mistake, wears… Continue Reading “Ginger Beer Bug and Sour Dough Starter”

From the underbelly of a bridge

Leading over the river des plaines… today I love bridges.. and now to work… I have a story for you tomorrow… c

mama’s easy peasy party recipe

On July 4th this year I started to blog my family recipes and stories for my family and friends. I am in another country from most of you.  It is not as good as sitting around a table and eating and yarning with you… Continue Reading “mama’s easy peasy party recipe”

My Mother had a Purple Suit

My Mother had a Purple Suit. But we only saw it once. Today I have to get some house work done. I am a butterfly housekeeper. I flit from room  to room about the house, gently flapping my wings in the heat and wondering… Continue Reading “My Mother had a Purple Suit”

The day I almost married the Marlboro Man.

Do you remember The Marlboro Man? The cowboy hat, the look, oh God that look.  Back in the bad old days before Politically Correct Behaviour and the ugly C word, there were cigarette advertisements.  Shock, horror and all that. A long campaign for Marlboro… Continue Reading “The day I almost married the Marlboro Man.”

Longing for scones

In my accent scone rhymes with long.  Just so’s you know. This  blogging is such a silent affair. Because we are not making a scone that rhymes with bone today we are going to make light fluffy scones for which we long! Am I… Continue Reading “Longing for scones”

Daisy lost in the cornfield and grandma’s rissole recipe,

So the pasture is beginning to wane a bit. Not as much grass. At this time of year we put a harness on Daisy, the milk cow to be, and take her on a dog leash into the wild long grass.  I am not… Continue Reading “Daisy lost in the cornfield and grandma’s rissole recipe,”

Easy Tomato Chutney

My mother was the jam maker and my father  preserved hundreds of jars of fruit,every summer. We ate one huge jar of peaches or pears every day at breakfast –  if  the season had been good. So it was kind of rare for one… Continue Reading “Easy Tomato Chutney”

Confessions of a Basement Farmer with a Frisbee

Back to the Farm. There is more to this little farm than meets the eye. And in the interests of honest and transparent discussion I feel I must tell you something. I have been hiding this from you. I have a confession to make.… Continue Reading “Confessions of a Basement Farmer with a Frisbee”

Route 66 and Lasagne

A wee while ago we traveled down Route 66 from Chicago to California.  We did not get to eat any lasagna on our travels. Because no-one wants any lasagna other than Mama’s.  I am going to part with my old family lasagna recipe.  I… Continue Reading “Route 66 and Lasagne”