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Grazing pigs

The grass is fantastic for this time of year. In fact we are going to be thinking about cutting hay as soon as the weather settles. And the pigs love it when the grass is long and tasty.  Sheila and TonTon. Sheila my darling… Continue Reading “Grazing pigs”

A quick show of hands.

Very quickly I would like to ask a favour. I am still working on the blog page and due to popular demand; the T Shirts. I need to know how many of you might want to buy a Sheila The Sassy T Shirt.  If… Continue Reading “A quick show of hands.”

Sprucing things up…

Tomorrow I am going to take a blog day off. It snowed a few more inches in the night and I can go nowhere anyway so I am going take the chance to spruce the look of The Kitchen’s Garden blog up a bit.… Continue Reading “Sprucing things up…”

Longing for evening

Yesterday was just a little day.  A nice peaceful Sunday. Milking the cow while TonTon watched from his usual  place.  Telling Sheila she knows that John does not like her to play in the traffic and get back in the barn right now it… Continue Reading “Longing for evening”