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Searching for the shot.

Last night the new macro  extension tubes for my old Nikon were delivered.  Such excitement.  I am a little girl with this stuff.  I lined them up, (there are three) put them on and off the camera. Lined them up again and waited until… Continue Reading “Searching for the shot.”

Waiting for the little Mites

I woke up this morning to find that my internet connection was down.  I was practically hyerventilating within seconds. Am I one of the addicted ones?  Grimly I  turned everything off. I reluctantly backed away from the keyboard and went for a longer walk… Continue Reading “Waiting for the little Mites”

Flowers in my garden that the bees love the most

Bees need flowers all summer long.  Millions of them. So we need to plant flowers we know will flower in early spring, right through summer and as late in the fall as possible. The wonderful thing about growing flowers for bees is that it… Continue Reading “Flowers in my garden that the bees love the most”

Hi Honey I’m Home.

Well, we looked inside all the hives and there has not been a huge escalation in much of anything.  I would say things are just puttering along slowly. Much slower this year due to those two hives swarming  at the beginning of the month… Continue Reading “Hi Honey I’m Home.”

Dairy = Daisy and the Bees are Swimming.

This is not my barn. It is an empty barn down the road. It is waiting for a cow.  It has been waiting for a long time. A sleeping beauty. We have many abandoned barns around here. I decided to buy Daisy because she… Continue Reading “Dairy = Daisy and the Bees are Swimming.”

Puss and Gumboots

Well your kitty survived the night and here he/she is with a wet little nose and a bowl of milk and honey.  Still limping and slow but at least it has given up on  that piteous crying. And yes – ( thank you for… Continue Reading “Puss and Gumboots”

First : plant flowers for the bees and butterflies

 First:  When we began to develop  the place I planted flowers. The flower garden is such an important part of ANY property.  Especially any place that I am. I was new here so I had to do my  homework and find the flowers that… Continue Reading “First : plant flowers for the bees and butterflies”

Bees move house.

As promised here are the photos of us housing the new bees.  I am learning as we go with bees but one thing for sure is that when working with them I  move slowly and gently so as not to cause a ruckus. For… Continue Reading “Bees move house.”

It all started out so well…

I woke up this morning to this gorgeous day. The dogs and I start at 5.30. Still, sunny and so lovely. After the walk around the fences,  I began to make Ricotta cheese with the whey from yesterdays cheddar and started the butter.  I… Continue Reading “It all started out so well…”