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Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.

Early this morning I took you all to walk the fences with me. I do this walk every morning and evening for the dogs toilet time.  This is the wild area, where the weeds and all that wild  grass is allowed to grow. I… Continue Reading “Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.”

Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?

I know that what I write today has nothing to do with old-fashioned farming.  But it is an old-fashioned thought. Queenie Wineti is supplying the visuals.   You see I had this interesting experience in the city on the weekend.  I had walked from… Continue Reading “Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?”

Rude Railway Men and Roasted Chickens in the Heat

In the blog world there are no days.  Time has lost meaning as I write. People read my words and navigate their way around my site while I sleep. When the flag counter says yesterday the date is today.  I file as people are… Continue Reading “Rude Railway Men and Roasted Chickens in the Heat”

Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today

Damn. Thought it might have rained. Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies today.  That is how we like it.    Thank you for dropping in. I am getting more and more readers every day and I love that you are all popping… Continue Reading “Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today”

Sustainable in the city, while making cream cheese.

My beautiful daughter who lives and works in London called me the other day. She wanted to remind me very gently that not everyone who wants to live a sustainable life lives on a farm.  Could I maybe write something that  she and her… Continue Reading “Sustainable in the city, while making cream cheese.”

Ten Tips on surviving a Heatwave without Airconditioning.

I know I was going to talk with you about the chooks/chickens/hens. But before I go there:  I am sorry to do this to all my readers who are in the winter on the other side of the world shivering quietly in your corners… Continue Reading “Ten Tips on surviving a Heatwave without Airconditioning.”

Sunday Brunch – cooking in your pajamas

Bad bugs eating my vines.  Pesticide Free is such a Chore sometimes . I am whining about the threat to my wine….. Japanese Beetles but there is a way to deter them. I will tell you about that next time. For now Sunday Brunch:… Continue Reading “Sunday Brunch – cooking in your pajamas”

Breaking in New Ground is Old

Reclaiming land from industrial horticulture, or factory growing (as I call it)  is a daunting process.  Our plans have the locals rolling their eyes. Why would you want to grow beef on grass when they get nice and fat (read obese) on corn.  Whole… Continue Reading “Breaking in New Ground is Old”

Hot day on the prairie.

So TonTon and I went for a walk with the camera today and here are  a few of the shots. There now. A few of my Motley Crew. As you can see it was a very quiet day on the wee farm. Bees are… Continue Reading “Hot day on the prairie.”

Sustainable chatter.

This is brilliant. I am sitting here at my old desk in our little old House on the Prairie  writing to you and I have NO IDEA how to make this blogger stuff work.  But I am desperate to just find the voices. .… Continue Reading “Sustainable chatter.”