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We have not had an escape for ages.  Everyone seems to be happy where they are. But when I went  out to do the afternoon chores yesterday and saw this – – in front of the barn, I knew that somewhere was an escaped… Continue Reading “Run-aways”

Move along. Move along.

Nothing to see here. And that is exactly what I could see  – nothing. I was standing,  pigs lunch buckets in my hands, ready to step over the electric fence and join the running throng of young fat pigs, holding the buckets high, merging with… Continue Reading “Move along. Move along.”

The Ride

When riding on the truck BooBoo stands  on the deck, with his feet up on the sides,  hanging his head forward as far as he can so his head is almost parallel with mine as I drive. He keeps one eye on the road… Continue Reading “The Ride”

Charlotte and Sheila have some time out

After their walk in the grass yesterday morning Sheila refused to go back into the pen, she passed the pig pen gate, and walked right to the barn then stood there and refused to come back. Apparently she and Charlotte are having a trial… Continue Reading “Charlotte and Sheila have some time out”

Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer

Well, all my plans for a couple of  hours off, yesterday afternoon, were in vain.  The farmy had other plans.  Hairy Maclairy decided to stage a break in into the Milking Parlour.  A space he is not allowed to visit.   The Shush Sisters… Continue Reading “Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer”