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Rain, Hail, The Works!

The black clouds I noticed when I started to carry buckets of water to the barn in preparation for the milking yesterday morning, were not as frightening as the  continual thunder. It sounded like a monster train running over a bump in the  track… Continue Reading “Rain, Hail, The Works!”

Being Water Boy with a Camera

You may have noticed that most of my images this week have been in the evening.  My main work is done in the morning and in the afternoon.  It is the evening shift that I do the waters.  And it is in the evening… Continue Reading “Being Water Boy with a Camera”

Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer

Well, all my plans for a couple of  hours off, yesterday afternoon, were in vain.  The farmy had other plans.  Hairy Maclairy decided to stage a break in into the Milking Parlour.  A space he is not allowed to visit.   The Shush Sisters… Continue Reading “Pig escape Thwarted by Heifer”

Frozen Fog on the Farmy and a Giveaway Heads-Up!

Yesterday I gave my Old Camera a good talking to about sustainable farming and how every one must pull his weight  and be useful on the farmy.  How we are in a cycle of give and take and cameras have to give, give, give.… Continue Reading “Frozen Fog on the Farmy and a Giveaway Heads-Up!”

The Good News and The Bad News

First the BAD NEWS.  While fooling about with my newly extended lens yesterday I managed to scratch the lens.  I just cannot believe I did that. A strong line was curved across every image I took yesterday.  I cannot clean the mark away.  Senior… Continue Reading “The Good News and The Bad News”