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The Woods

OK. It has been a rough 36 hours.  Or  how many hours? Since Saturday morning anyway. It feels like a week. We are not out of the woods yet but I do see the light a little.  The calf scours have not got the better of… Continue Reading “The Woods”

Kids and Kunes

This title is a little misleading.  I took the kids in to visit with the kunes but they studiously ignored each other.  There was no  Kids ‘And’  Kunes at all. The pigs were on one side and the goats on the other.  I am still working… Continue Reading “Kids and Kunes”

While we were talking

As I spoke for Press Publish in  Portland, Oregon.  In the most beautiful hotel. Telling  them our stories  – about you and me and our animals. This man slept.  Outside my window.  And what a triumph we were.  I told them the story of you and… Continue Reading “While we were talking”


This post is at an odd time of the day but I am just popping in to let you know that I am home. Boo is home.  All the animals are present and correct.  I have been around everyone and they are ll glowing… Continue Reading “Home”

New Years Eve

So …  do you have a family tradition for New Years Eve? I don’t.  Though I love the idea.  I get up early so I do not stay up late  but I like the idea of the New Year being celebrated.  The freshness of… Continue Reading “New Years Eve”

The one

We have watched Nanny Boo for a year now, raise Marmalade, then help her raise her six kittens. And this shot says it all.  This surely is the penultimate image of Nanny Boo aka The Dog-Father and his brood.  I had to stand on a chair… Continue Reading “The one”

A moments respite

You know how we run our lives expecting that all will be well when we get all our ducks in a row or something.  We plan endlessly expecting a perfect life. Save against that –  insure against this.  We roll along thinking I will get over… Continue Reading “A moments respite”


I did not blog yesterday because I was undergoing a Power Surge. I began to write at 4am.  Then went onto the internet to begin sending. Nothing.  All of a sudden.  It came back after a while but flickered in and out. Later in the… Continue Reading “Electrics”

The Fair

Every year our little local town, a small town with a big heart, hosts a local fair. The Fair has been going on for more than 160 years now.  The side shows are deliciously gaudy and the food is inedible on the street,  but that is what… Continue Reading “The Fair”

Gentle afternoon

Mama is still resting comfortably, not moving much. Twitching flies off her ears, and changing position every now and then. She is still very alert, bashes the others out of the way to get to her food and even rises up onto her knees to eat.… Continue Reading “Gentle afternoon”