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from miss c

I am popping in for a wee hullo. To share a cup of coffee with you. Just to let you know that while we are warm and still here in California. (No wind – what a joy.) At home on the farm back in… Continue Reading “from miss c”

A Lot of Things

Yesterday it blew very hard and very  loudly for the whole day, shredding the nerves of people and pigs. I spent a lot time with Molly who was feeling down about being pregnant (I hope) and alone (poor pig). She does have Sheila next… Continue Reading “A Lot of Things”

the full moon night

After the dinner is done and the dishes  are done and the writing is done. I  stand in front of the fire and put all my cold weather gear back on, my clown suit, the jacket, the hats, the scarf, the gloves, pick up… Continue Reading “the full moon night”

Sneaky Sip and Save the Planet

It was warm enough yesterday for Poppy to take all her piglets oout into their backyard.  The babies will come out with her for a while then scamper back under their warm light. Poppy has collected some sticky weed seeds in her tail again,… Continue Reading “Sneaky Sip and Save the Planet”

The Journey as a Metaphor

All of life is a journey really. We reach many destinations along the way and for some of us lucky ones these destinations are even geographical.  But usually our travel is through days and weeks and rooms and relationships. Inside myself I am always keeping a mental tally of… Continue Reading “The Journey as a Metaphor”

Finding my way back

Many things have been happening to people around me in the lately, so much sadness and injustice and tragedy, and though the farm and I are fine – many of the best people in my life are struggling and sad. This left me with… Continue Reading “Finding my way back”

Australia: The Beach House

And so we have arrived at Location Number One. Up into the hills from Apollo Bay.  And this was my view yesterday evening as we carried what seemed like an enormous amount of food through the doors.  We bought a couple of chickens at… Continue Reading “Australia: The Beach House”

When did I become a …

… PIG Farmer.  When did I become a pig farmer? I am sure that was not my intention. I say yes to a few twists and turns then Bam without so much as a by your leave I  am in possession of multiple pigs… Continue Reading “When did I become a …”