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Cows like to party too.

The visitors decided to hang out in the barn yard. Delighted by the nosy cows.  Queenie mooched about chatting with the girls. And the boys. It was a lovely laid back evening with a glass of wine in the newly cleaned yards.  Everyone could… Continue Reading “Cows like to party too.”

Walkabout a sleepy farmy

A sleepy Sunday on the farmy for everyone but the farmers!  How come they all get to doze while we rush about with wheelbarrows and fence posts. Life is good for  little Queenie. At least, with Daisy, we have a date as to when… Continue Reading “Walkabout a sleepy farmy”

Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions

Today I shall return to one of my favourite weekend posts. Introductions.  There is so much to see in the blog world. The sheer strength of us as a collective is awesome. So here a few of the pages that I visited and particularly… Continue Reading “Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions”

New little golden Easter balls of fluff.

Another set of new arrivals have come to the Farmy. And are under a warm lamp in the basement.  Sleeping. Where no cats are allowed for a while.  These chickens will be handled often and will come to the old folks home with TonTon… Continue Reading “New little golden Easter balls of fluff.”

Kupa the Peacock finds an unlikely friend

Kupa: So who are you then? Are you a minion? I was promised minions. Oh, maybe you are the butler then. Get me another drink.  My champagne has gone flat. Peghorn:  Uh no. I am not sure what a minion is but I am… Continue Reading “Kupa the Peacock finds an unlikely friend”

going to the bantam swap early this morning

I am posting this early as we are off into the predawn dark on a wee jaunt. Mama is still asleep so don’t wake her.  It is raining and she has taken herself and her handmaiden into the barn.  (I picked 4 pounds of… Continue Reading “going to the bantam swap early this morning”

A cup of Hot Chocolate for my friend, from the Dairy Mistress

That rain the other night gave the Dairy Mistress Field a good drink! The grass is heaving up out of the ground now. This is one of the three acres John sowed a few weeks ago. (The other two are for hay) I am… Continue Reading “A cup of Hot Chocolate for my friend, from the Dairy Mistress”

Mouse in the Bee’s House

After the winter, the beehives need a wee hand with their spring cleaning. Also during the winter the whole hive has often migrated towards the top of the hive leaving the bottom levels neglected. Sometimes there is honey down there that they may need.… Continue Reading “Mouse in the Bee’s House”

Probiotics for penicillin tummies..

Yesterday I made kefir and yoghurt.  Kefir for me and yoghurt for Mia.  Yoghurts contain probiotics,  a probiotic is the opposite of an antibiotic.  And guess who has been shot full of antibiotics.  Mia had some of her insides  literally dragged through some pretty… Continue Reading “Probiotics for penicillin tummies..”

Daisy’s coat needs attention

About this time of year a cow’s winter coat starts to lift and itch. So while my back was turned Daisy has been rubbing her neck on the big tree in her yard and if you look carefully you will see that in some… Continue Reading “Daisy’s coat needs attention”