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Phew, well that was a flurry. Now back to work!

Thank you so much for all your input over the last two days.  The images we have all selected have been sent over to the tech team, for the last review and some work.  Then  when they come back, I will let you know… Continue Reading “Phew, well that was a flurry. Now back to work!”

Meet me here for a Champagne Sunrise on Christmas day and Crackers with cheese!

I will be here at Dawn on Christmas morning to wish you Merry Christmas.  You will know I am home because there will be a candle burning in the big East window.  The candle is an old family tradition of indeterminate origin so just… Continue Reading “Meet me here for a Champagne Sunrise on Christmas day and Crackers with cheese!”

Let’s Walkabout on the Farmy today!!

The water in the swimming pool is freezing.  I know this has nothing to do with anything but I like the image! Yesterday was a little warmer so it was a good day to  get back to basics, go on the walkabout and bring you… Continue Reading “Let’s Walkabout on the Farmy today!!”

Don’t Try this at Home: How Not to Prune a Pear Tree

Our John is pouting. I have pruned his pear tree. Which was not even much use as a shade tree. Something had to be done. He has quite spoilt this tree over the years. In fact when he had his new shed put up he… Continue Reading “Don’t Try this at Home: How Not to Prune a Pear Tree”

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.

I am home again.  As you can imagine it has been a busy day today.  All the animals are present and accounted for except for a few of Houdinis  chickens.  TonTon has already forgotton I had been away. Mia (little ewe) was immediately at… Continue Reading “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.”

Roast: Slow Roasted Lavender Lamb with a side of Joy

YES! The big day has arrived! We are going to slow roast some lamb. This roast will have three layers of bright joyful lavender notes. Almost provencal actually as I shall also add a little rosemary and garlic. I want the scent of the… Continue Reading “Roast: Slow Roasted Lavender Lamb with a side of Joy”

Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk

Did you ever see that movie Dusk ’til Dawn. Well, a day on the sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm is Nothing LIKE that!!! It starts at dawn. John leaves for work in the dark at 5am.  I talk to you guys and catch… Continue Reading “Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk”

Monday Morning Farm

This is what I saw when I began the chores this morning. A cat sleeping in my shopping bags. You know the bags that you pause on the verandah. The plan being  to  stow them back in the car later. Then they never make… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Farm”

Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures

Yes, yes I know what you are about to say.  Just last week I would not even admit that autumn/fall was on its way, let alone begin to talk about winter.  Now I am heralding  the plummet, discussing sub zero temperatures, when only yesterday… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures”

Celi Diet: Fall Coleslaw on a Gypsy Summer day

My other favourite snacky food to keep in the fridge, when I am on my self imposed “Watch the Body”(as opposed to watch your weight) Celi Diet, is the coleslaw. Little bowls of this is so good to snack on and sometimes I think… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: Fall Coleslaw on a Gypsy Summer day”