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Divide-ing time

I should dig this up and divide it but who has time for things like that. There really is very little time for gardening when there is so much to be done on the farm and The Armadillo and all his skin protocols takes… Continue Reading “Divide-ing time”

The new wild gardens

The new wild gardens down the back are about to burst out in full bloom The most dramatic being the sunflowers.  I have the list of seeds somewhere I must find it for you. I will leave it in the comments later this morning. … Continue Reading “The new wild gardens”

Lazy Saturday

Kind of.  I gave myself a wee sleep in this morning – until 6.30 – which meant I slept through my writing time but I knew you would not mind. Here is yesterday. And this morning as Boo and Ton and I drove along… Continue Reading “Lazy Saturday”

Down the road

and after work came a 25 foot oak tree. Trundling down the road laid out in the back of Our Johns truck.  An hours drive with a big beautiful tree trailing out behind him. It was in the way of the new pipes pathway… Continue Reading “Down the road”

After Dusk

I was making dinner last night (the creamy dill chicken in pasta with a butternut salad)  and hanging a yoghurt up to drain for the labneh today when I suddenly realised I had not taken any photos for you. So I pulled off my… Continue Reading “After Dusk”

… to be a cow

A good day to be a cow. Nothing but lazing about in the sun, thinking about nothing. Ears up and head up when the tractor and the dogs and I bring their hay down to the back of the field. Breakfast in bed.  Lovely… Continue Reading “… to be a cow”

Stormy Internet

Last night we had a series of strong storms rip through.  And that took out the internet for a while.  Then my day got in the way.  But now we are all back in order.  So here is my yesterday in pictures. Today is the… Continue Reading “Stormy Internet”

A pregnant Pause

Yesterday The Farmy dropped through into one of those delicious Pauses that we often see but don’t have time to feel. A gentleness rises up and envelops us.  Encouraging us to yawn as we work, and sink onto rocks to watch when we are… Continue Reading “A pregnant Pause”