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Is that art?

Does Art have to be conscious?  This is actually a serious question. I have always said that some gardeners can be artists,  some builders are artists, a zooped up old car can be art, my bedroom table can be art, a perfect line of… Continue Reading “Is that art?”

How to dry Parsley

Brown bag it. The best way to dry parsley is to pick it when it is at its best,   put it into a brown paper bag, tape the bag closed and leave in the back of your fridge for a few months. When it is dry,… Continue Reading “How to dry Parsley”

Prepare Actions

Is that a contradiction in terms? Can we prepare with action? I think we  can.  Or do we prepare FOR action. hmm. Preparations. Well, yesterday I was preparing for the big storm that may roll in this morning.  When I was not stacking hay.… Continue Reading “Prepare Actions”

visitors, burlap bags, pigs bottoms, lightening in the skies, where do I begin

Yesterday Camera house caught Daisy showing you how she backs slowly through the burlap bags dislodging flies. Very slowly. Gently swaying through the lightest of brushes. Flies gone.  Not perfect. But she is after all. A Cow. We have a visitor come to stay.… Continue Reading “visitors, burlap bags, pigs bottoms, lightening in the skies, where do I begin”

Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.

I got my wish yesterday and we had a lovely calm simple light filled day. Mary’s Cat and Minty shared a moment.  Mary’s cat is desperate to make friends. Though most of you will  remember the pictures on this page, when Mary’s Cat first… Continue Reading “Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.”