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Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions

Today I shall return to one of my favourite weekend posts. Introductions.  There is so much to see in the blog world. The sheer strength of us as a collective is awesome. So here a few of the pages that I visited and particularly… Continue Reading “Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions”

Kupa the Peacock finds an unlikely friend

Kupa: So who are you then? Are you a minion? I was promised minions. Oh, maybe you are the butler then. Get me another drink.  My champagne has gone flat. Peghorn:  Uh no. I am not sure what a minion is but I am… Continue Reading “Kupa the Peacock finds an unlikely friend”

The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

This is a Hollandaise sauce that is fast and easy.  Anyone with a blender can make this sauce! No-one can get this wrong.  I am sure the purists will swoon in horror. It is not a high brow sauce, but it is perfectly adequate for… Continue Reading “The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world”

They have closed my road

As you know we live about a mile from a highway and I intended to drive the  Free Green Dodge down my little road and to the big road and park it  on the family land that borders the highway and sell my asparagus… Continue Reading “They have closed my road”