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More Piggy Moves

Yesterday was another day of pig wrangling. I needed to go to one of the big farm stores to buy that solar panel but the little pigs were still in disarray so I could not leave the property except for one fast local run for… Continue Reading “More Piggy Moves”

Untidy Mr Flowers

Mr Flowers tail drags a bit. I know this sounds like an unusual concern but the feathers underneath his tail have been dragging in the mud. I have never seen this happen in any other peacock. He is a very shy bird so there is… Continue Reading “Untidy Mr Flowers”

Cook us some eggs

Even though there is no sun to help the build up of light, as the days lengthen the chickens have begun to lay again. Yesterday I collected TEN eggs. Eggs are laid with a thin film of protein sealing the pores on the egg,… Continue Reading “Cook us some eggs”

Bale-ful Looks

TonTon was standing outside watching Tima the Bad be Bad and he was shivering. Poor old Ton very seldom shivers and in fact prefers to be outside but he was shaking all over in the cold. So I called him in and put Boo’s… Continue Reading “Bale-ful Looks”

Golden Fall

Autumn has come.  It came on fast actually.  The leaves held their green for as long as they could in this wet warm autumn. Now finally the trees have begun to turn their coats and the leaves to release their tenuous hold on life and… Continue Reading “Golden Fall”

The elderly Rooster

It rained for most of the day yesterday which kept the pigs inside and the cows outside. Cows, big hot beasts, love a gentle rain but pigs not so much. As soon as the rain stopped the piglets slowly ventured forth. This old rooster… Continue Reading “The elderly Rooster”