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Miles in a Day

I have a new phone – this in itself is not particularly interesting unless we need to go into the kicking and fighting I did trying not to have to succumb to another phone.  I liked my old phone. However now I have a… Continue Reading “Miles in a Day”

The Power, Your Power

I am often amazed by the power of a small word or gesture.  The tiniest pat and smallest gentle correction can literally make a world of difference to a persons future. A small word as you open the door, a smile as you close… Continue Reading “The Power, Your Power”

Sunflowers are not for sissies

A cheerful scene. Not autumnal at all. Though I am very fond of that word   – autumnal. Sunflowers are not for sissies.  And judging by yesterdays comments there are no sissies in our Fellowship.  Of course flowers would have been enough for a… Continue Reading “Sunflowers are not for sissies”

The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.

I began the September Home Grown Challenge  almost two weeks ago and with only one 24 hour break,  when I went to Chicago, I have been dining in on home grown fresh food.  We are streaming along. The food is glorious.   I do… Continue Reading “The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.”