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Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics

I started writing these pages in  July so I am just thrilled to bits by your response. And would like to say thank you for getting me this far.  Now, as you know, I am going to produce a collection of POSTCARDS from your… Continue Reading “Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics”

Late afternoon on the farmy: Two Cocks Crowing

Late afternoon on the Farmy is a peaceful time. Well it should be a peaceful time.  Except I let all the chook-house chickens out of their house for a run around. Which meant that the Barn Roosters rushed out to challenge the Chook House… Continue Reading “Late afternoon on the farmy: Two Cocks Crowing”

My Big Fat Mama

Good morning. I am up here in my loft with the vaulted ceiling and big South windows.  Sitting at my desk. The fire in the big room below is keeping me warm and I can hear rain outside.  The windows are still dark. It… Continue Reading “My Big Fat Mama”

The last January Walky on the Farmy

TonTon and The Big Dog waiting for the walkies to commence.  And no, I did not pose them that way.  Big Dog is untrainable. You will note TonTon’s beseeching expression. The Big Dog still rules the roost and is obviously muttering mean threats. WHO… Continue Reading “The last January Walky on the Farmy”

Lemon Butter Cake

Well, it was so warm yesterday morning that I put my clown suit  (those ugly thick padded overalls the men use when digging slowly on the side of the road) and my Carhart jacket into the washing machine.  Both were pretty pongy. Then of… Continue Reading “Lemon Butter Cake”

He got Cold Feet on The Farmy.

Yesterday we had glorious sunshine and not a breath of wind.  This morning sitting in my high up studio, the sky still black all I can hear is wind. One of the challenges I have set myself, for these pages,  was that all the… Continue Reading “He got Cold Feet on The Farmy.”

Sweet cold farmy day.. we love the farmy days.

Snow. Light Powdery snow.  We had another  snowy day yesterday.   But it is still too dark outside for me to see what happened in the night. We have no  street lights in the country so there is no way of knowing without going… Continue Reading “Sweet cold farmy day.. we love the farmy days.”

“You’ve strangled me?” I said to the nice man, moving Moaning Mia out of the way with my hip.

“Throttled. Yes Ma’am.”  “So.. TonTon I cannot play with your ball from in here! Think about what you are doing! Mia stop that, stop jumping! Wait.” I said to the little man.  “Mia,  Get OUT of the chook house. I have got to fix… Continue Reading ““You’ve strangled me?” I said to the nice man, moving Moaning Mia out of the way with my hip.”

‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo – whats going on ‘ere then?

“Where is the snow then? They said there was snow.  Has someone been fooling about? Why wasn’t my gate opened earlier?” “What?” “Say what? What is she on about? The snow melted hours ago. All those sheep do is sleep and shout!”  “OI!  Enough… Continue Reading “‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo – whats going on ‘ere then?”

Shocking Attempt at a Christmas Eve Break Out!

Psst. Marys Cat stop fooling around and come over here.  You got to help me get out of here.  You gotta help me. Come here, make yourself useful you daft cat. Lean down and open that hook. See that hook. Pull it up. No,… Continue Reading “Shocking Attempt at a Christmas Eve Break Out!”